At your service… always!

“Because we care enough to make you feel at home.”


It has been more than one year since the pandemic started, the community lockdowns implemented, and the economy devastated. But life goes on. We must move on. It’s time to pick up the pieces and rebuild our lives. If the virus refuses to go away, we must learn to live with it. We know we have the munitions to stop the virus from spreading and health experts say it is the WOW process – Wash hands frequently, Observe physical distancing, and Wear face masks, face shield in public. This is new and it is now accepted as normal.

While all these things were happening worldwide, nationwide, and within the city, Home Crest Hotel remained steadfast in serving the needs of the community for a safe, clean, sanitized rooms for guest accommodation. Our doors are always open for travelers and businessmen who needed a place to stay here in Davao City. We are proud to say that we have protected, and will continue protecting, their health by observing the basic health guidelines issued by government agencies to combat the pandemic.

Make no mistake about it, our staff are at your service… always, because we care enough to make you feel at home.