Home Crest Hotel Safety Protocols
“Our Guest is Our Top Priority”


The year 2020 was off to a rough start with a public health emergency caused by the CoVid-19 virus outbreak from Wuhan, China which eventually spread across the world and created a global pandemic affecting the worldwide economy and killing thousands of people. Without a cure or a vaccine, perhaps the only way to stop the spread of the virus was for countries to resort to a total lockdown.

This global pandemic led to a more strict safety and health protocols and a series of precautionary measures as advised by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Department of Health (DOH) that will promote habits that should be adapted by the public to contain the spread of the CoVid-19 virus.

Thus, to heed the advice of the health experts, as early as March 18, 2020, the Hotel already placed a mobile washing area beside the hotel entrance, for the use of our guests before going inside the Hotel.  The hotel also provided a foot-bath, thermal scanner, and hand sanitizer for guests to comply with the biosecurity protocols, before entering the hotel premises.



a. To secure the health and safety of guests and employees inside the hotel.

b. The provide health and safety measures in case of virus infection.




a.    Hotel Entry Procedures.

                                          i.    Everyone entering the hotel premises must wear a face mask and submit themselves for a thermal scanner.

                                        ii.    Everyone must step on the foot bath provided at the entrance.

                                       iii.    Everyone must wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds using the mobile sink provided at the entrance.

                                       iv.    Upon entry a hand sanitizer station is provided at the lobby and everyone is encouraged to sanitize their hands.

b.    Public Health Policies.

                                          i.    Implement “Low-touch; Low-contact” or if possible, “No-touch; No-contact” processes in hotel operations to avoid contamination:

1.    Guests are advised to bring their own personal necessities (e.g. coffee, sugar, bottled water) or toiletries (e.g. toothbrush, hand soap, shampoo).

2.    Although the above-mentioned amenities may be provided by the hotel, upon guest request, with corresponding charges.

3.    The use of drinking water dispensers in the restaurant, function rooms, and back offices, will be avoided.

4.    The maximum number of persons to use the elevator is pegged at two (2) persons at any given time.

                                        ii.    The hotel will provide hand sanitation counters in high-traffic areas of the hotel for guests and in the back office for employees.

                                       iii.    The hotel will provide foot bath for footwear disinfection in high-traffic areas of the hotel for guests and in the back office for employees.

c.    Public Health Reminders.

                                          i.    Public health signage will be placed in all high-traffic areas of the hotel including the hotel entrance, hallways, lobby, front desk, restaurant, function rooms, employee entrance, employee lounge, and hotel back offices.

                                        ii.    These reminders include wearing of face mask in public; observe physical distancing, regular washing of hands or use of hand sanitizer.

                                       iii.    Physical Distancing.

1.    Markers will be placed in high-traffic public areas as a guide for appropriate physical distancing.

2.    Markers will also be placed to ensure a one-way guest flow in entering and exiting the hotel.

3.    Markers will be placed in the Front Office area in case of guest queuing.

4.    To ensure physical distancing in the back office, employees will be using every other work station for appropriate separation between employees.

d.    Department of Health Guidelines.

                                          i.    At the minimum, the hotel will follow the latest Department of Health guidelines and safety measures in preventing the spread of CoVid-19 virus.

                                        ii.    These guidelines are posted in high-traffic areas of the hotel.

                                       iii.    The hotel will regularly check with the Department of Health office for updates on these public health guidelines and adhere to these said updates.

e.    Department of Tourism Guidelines.

                                          i.    At the minimum, the hotel will follow the Department of Tourism guidelines in guest accommodation during this time of public health emergency.

                                        ii.    These guidelines are posted in high-traffic areas of the hotel.

                                       iii.    The hotel will regularly check with the Department of Tourism office to check on any updates on these guest accommodation guidelines and adhere to these updates.

f.      Health Concerns. Employees and guests showing symptoms of CoVid-19 infection or having a body temperature of 38 degrees Celsius and above will not be allowed entry and will be advised to proceed to the nearest local hospital for a medical check-up.